• the act, practice, or process of doing something
    1. criticism
    2. plagiarism
    3. hypnotism
  • behavior like that of a specified kind of person or thing
    1. heroism
  • unfair treatment of a group of people who have a particular quality
    1. racism
    2. sexism
  • the state or fact of being a specified kind of person or thing
    1. skepticism
    2. fanaticism
  • abnormal state or condition
    1. alcoholism
    2. dwarfism
  • teachings or beliefs
    1. Buddhism
    2. Marxism
    3. socialism
    4. stoicism
    5. realism
  • a word that is from a specified source
    1. a Latinism [=a word or phrase that comes from a Latin word or phrase]
  • a word that has a specified quality
    1. a colloquialism

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