Affect | Mean of affect in English Dictionary


  • Verb
  • to produce an effect on (someone or something): such as
  • to act on (someone or something) and cause a change
    1. His decisions could affect [=influence] the lives of millions of people.
    2. The accident will affect [=influence] the value of the car.
    3. We learned about the way the oceans are affected by the moon.
    4. This medication may affect your ability to drive a car. [=this medicine may make it dangerous for you to drive a car]
    5. This new evidence will affect the outcome of the trial.
    6. The news could adversely affect [=could hurt] her chances of becoming the next president.
    7. We kept the change from affecting [=harming] our friendship.
    8. The incident really affected my opinion of him.
  • to cause strong emotions in (someone)
    1. The criticism affected [=bothered, upset] her deeply/greatly.
    2. The entire town was affected by their deaths. [=everyone in the town felt sad about their deaths]
    3. We were all greatly affected by the terrible news. [=we were all very upset by the terrible news]
  • to cause a change in (a part of the body)
    1. Paralysis affected his limbs. = His limbs were affected by/with paralysis. [=his limbs were paralyzed]
    2. The disease can affect your muscles.
    3. drugs that affect the nervous/immune system
  • to cause illness in (someone)
    1. The condition affects about five million adults each year.
    2. a serious disease primarily/mainly affecting women over the age of 40
    3. Only men appear to be affected by the disease.
    4. Rain affected [=influenced] their performance.
    5. The new president effected [=made, caused] many changes to/in the company's policies.
    6. The weather affected our plans. = The weather had an effect on our plans. [=the weather caused us to change our plans]
  • to pretend that a false behavior or feeling is natural or genuine
    1. She affected indifference [=she pretended that she did not care], though she was deeply hurt.
    2. He affected (a look of) surprise. [=he pretended to be surprised]
    3. She affects [=feigns] a warm friendly manner.
    4. He affected [=faked] a French accent.

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