• extremely bad or unpleasant
    1. The music was awful.
    2. They heard the most awful sounds.
    3. Awful things began to happen.
    4. The weather was awful.
    5. He has some awful disease.
    6. That joke is just/pretty/really/truly awful.
    7. He's an awful person.
    8. That's an awful thing to say.
    9. She has awful manners.
    10. Who painted the house that awful color?
    11. I don't know what's wrong with me but I feel awful. [=very sick]
    12. I feel awful [=very sorry] about what happened.
  • causing feelings of fear and wonder
    1. The mountains have an awful majesty.
  • a large amount
    1. They lost an awful lot of money.
    2. She does an awful lot of talking.
  • very much
    1. I like him an awful lot. [=I like him a lot]
  • very or extremely
    1. He was awful tired.
    2. We haven't heard from him in an awful long time.
    3. You've come an awful long way.