• Noun
  • something (such as a piece of food) that is used to attract fish or animals so they can be caught
    1. We always use live bait [=worms that are alive] when we fish.
    2. cheese used for/as bait in mousetraps
    3. Wait until the fish takes the bait.
    4. a wide selection of lures and baits
    5. using bargains as bait for shoppers [=using bargains to attract shoppers]
    6. The police waited for the bank robbers to take the bait. [=to be tricked into doing the thing that would cause them to be trapped or caught]
    7. (chiefly Brit) The interviewer kept asking the politician whether he was lying, and he rose to the bait by getting angry.
  • Verb
  • to put a piece of food on (a hook) or in (a trap) in order to attract and catch fish or animals
    1. She baited the mousetraps with pieces of cheese. = She used cheese to bait the traps.
    2. baiting hooks with live worms
    3. a baited hook/trap
  • to try to make (someone) angry by using criticism or insults
    1. The interviewer kept baiting the politician by asking him whether he was lying.
  • to use dogs to make (an animal, such as a bear or bull) angry or afraid
    1. bear-baiting
    2. bull-baiting

Những từ liên quan với BAIT

harass, drag, seduce, draw, snare, lure, attraction, bribe, entice, inducement, shill, bedevil