• Verb
  • to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to hit something very hard or forcefully
    1. She fell down and bashed [=banged] her knee against a rock.
    2. I bashed my arm against the door.
  • to hit (someone or something) very hard or forcefully
    1. Someone bashed him over/on the head with a chair.
    2. The two cars bashed [=crashed] into each other.
  • to hurt or damage (something) by hitting or beating
    1. They tried to bash the door open/down.
    2. He threatened to bash [=beat, smash] my head in.
  • to criticize or attack (a person or group)
    1. newspapers that use their editorial pages to bash [=harshly criticize] the president
    2. groups accused of gay bashing [=criticizing or attacking gay people]
    3. celebrity bashing
  • to work hard at something
    1. The children are bashing away [=(US) banging away] at their homework.
  • to continue to work hard at something
    1. You're not finished yet? Well, bash on. [=press on]
  • to produce (something) quickly
    1. He bashed out [=banged out] an angry letter to the editor.
  • to attack (someone)
    1. A group of older girls bashed up [=beat up] the sisters.
  • Noun
  • a big or exciting party
    1. We threw her a birthday bash.
  • a hard and powerful hit or blow
    1. She gave me a bash on the head.
  • to try or attempt (something)
    1. I've never done it before, but I'll have a bash at it.

Những từ liên quan với BASH

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