• Noun
  • a person's stomach or the part of the body that contains the stomach
    1. My belly was full.
    2. He got down on his belly to crawl.
    3. They slid down the snowy hill on their bellies.
    4. a kick in the belly [=abdomen]
  • the part of an animal's body that is like a person's belly
    1. a horse's belly
    2. a gray squirrel with a white belly
  • a curved or rounded surface or part
    1. the belly of an airplane
    2. the belly of a ship/violin
  • Verb
  • to cause (something, such as a sail) to curve or bulge outward
    1. The wind bellied (out) the sails of the ship.
    2. The sails of the ship bellied [=bulged] out in the wind.
  • to walk to or toward (someone or something)
    1. The men bellied up to the bar.

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