Bottom | Mean of bottom in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • the lowest part, point, or level of something
    1. He's waiting at the bottom of the stairs.
    2. Our house is at the bottom of the hill.
    3. The top of the wall is painted and the bottom is covered in wood paneling.
    4. the bottom of the page/screen/list
    5. Please fill out this form and sign your name at the bottom.
  • the part of something that is below or under the other parts
    1. the ship's bottom [=underside]
    2. The bowl was signed on the bottom [=base] by the artist.
    3. There's a small cut on the bottom [=sole] of his foot.
  • the lowest point or surface inside something
    1. I think there is still a little sugar left in the bottom of the box/container.
    2. The pool is so deep I could not touch the bottom.
    3. One of the drawers has a false bottom. [=a panel that looks like the drawer's bottom but that can be removed to expose more space]
  • the part of something that is furthest away
    1. We sailed to the bottom of the bay.
    2. the bottom of the garden
  • the part of the body on which you sit
    1. The poor baby has a rash all over his little bottom.
  • a position of little power in a company or organization
    1. The company's new CEO started at the bottom and worked her way up.
  • a low rank or position
    1. Why do I always find myself rooting for the team at the bottom of the league?
    2. She graduated at the bottom of her/the class. [=her grades were among the lowest in her graduating class]
  • the worst position, level, or condition
    1. at the bottom of the pay scale
    2. After weeks of losing value, the company's stocks have hit bottom. [=reached the bottom; lost all value]
    3. Jim has finally scraped bottom. [=has finally reached the worst possible condition]
  • the surface that is under a body of water
    1. the bottom of the ocean
    2. the sandy river/lake bottom
  • the flat, low land along a river or stream
    1. grazing in grassy river bottoms
  • a piece of clothing that is worn on the lower part of the body
    1. a bikini bottom
    2. pajama bottoms
  • the second half of an inning in baseball
    1. They tied the score in the bottom of the ninth inning.
  • the lowest gear of a car
    1. Stay in bottom [=bottom gear] until you reach the top of the hill.
  • in reality
    1. The song is, at bottom [=in truth], a lullaby.
    2. He is very shy, at bottom.
  • to be the source or originator of (something)
    1. I think I know who's at the bottom of [=behind] these pranks.
  • to find out the true reason for or cause of (something)
    1. Police are working furiously to get to the bottom of this recent string of violent crimes.
  • the lowest possible condition, level, etc.
    1. After the divorce, Tim felt he had reached/hit the bottom of the barrel.
    2. The excessive coverage of the scandal signals that the news media may have finally hit/reached the bottom of the barrel.
    3. Salaries in the industry are scraping/hitting the bottom of the barrel. [=salaries in the industry are very low]
  • in the lowest position
    1. the bottom rung of the ladder
    2. the bottom drawer/shelf
    3. her bottom lip
    4. Somebody's fingerprints are all along the bottom edge of the photograph.
  • living at the lowest level of an ocean or lake
    1. bottom fish
  • Verb
  • to reach a lowest or worst point usually before beginning to rise or improve
    1. Real estate prices seem to have bottomed out, and sellers can expect to get higher prices in coming months.
    2. The team bottomed out in last place.

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