Bright | Mean of bright in English Dictionary


  • producing a lot of light
    1. a bright light
    2. The lighting was too bright.
    3. a bright room with lots of windows
    4. It was a bright, sunny day.
  • having a very light and strong color
    1. The room was decorated in bright colors.
    2. a bright red
    3. bright blue eyes
  • able to learn things quickly
    1. a bright child
    2. a bright young journalist
  • showing intelligence
    1. a bright idea
    2. Walking on the railroad bridge wasn't too bright.
    3. Whose bright idea was it to leave the refrigerator open?
  • happy and lively
    1. a bright smile
  • providing a reason for hope
    1. a young actress with a bright [=promising] future
    2. Brighter days are ahead. [=things will improve in the future]
    3. The prospects for the team are bright. [=good]
  • very early
    1. We will be getting up bright and early in the morning.
  • happy and full of energy
    1. He arrived all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
  • a good thing that occurs during a bad or difficult time
    1. Car sales were one of the few bright spots for the economy last year.

Những từ liên quan với BRIGHT

golden, sharp, luminous, brilliant, pleasant, mild, intense, blazing, silvery, radiant, sparkling
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