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  • Verb
  • to get (things) from different places and bring them together
    1. They hope to collect over 1,000 signatures on the petition.
    2. He collected stories from all over the world.
    3. They collected information about the community.
    4. We collected soil samples from several areas on the site.
  • to get (one or more things) from a place
    1. We collected our baggage from/at the baggage claim at the airport.
    2. I left my suit at the cleaners and I have to collect it today.
  • to get (similar things) and bring them together as a hobby
    1. He collects postage stamps.
    2. She enjoys collecting antique teapots.
    3. He has an impressive stamp collection, though he has been collecting for only a few years.
  • to get control of (your thoughts, emotions, etc.)
    1. I took a minute to collect my thoughts.
    2. She stopped briefly to collect [=calm] herself.
  • to ask for and get (money that someone owes you)
    1. I collected the rent from the tenants.
    2. The city collects property taxes.
  • to be given or paid (money)
    1. She collects social security benefits.
    2. He is collecting on his disability insurance.
  • to ask people to give (money or other things) to a group that helps people, a political candidate, etc.
    1. She has begun collecting contributions from supporters.
    2. We collected $5,000 for the hospital.
    3. I am collecting for the local women's shelter.
  • to come together in a large amount as time passes
    1. Junk started collecting in the attic soon after they moved in.
    2. Dust had collected on the dashboard.
    3. Snow was collecting on the driveway.
    4. Garbage can collect germs.
  • to go somewhere in order to get (someone you will bring or take to another place)
    1. She collected [=picked up] the children after school.
    2. I'm going to collect him from the airport.
  • to gather (things) together
    1. I collected up [=picked up] the dishes and brought them to the kitchen.
    2. The children collected their toys up and put them away.
  • paid for by the person who is receiving the call
    1. a collect phone call
    2. The operator asked me if I would accept a collect call from John Smith.

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