• having all necessary parts
    1. a complete [=entire; whole] set of encyclopedias
    2. He spoke in complete sentences.
    3. This list of names is not complete. [=it is missing some names]
    4. She gave us a complete [=thorough] description of the events.
    5. The Complete Works of Charles Dickens
    6. The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening
  • not limited in any way
    1. She wants complete [=total, absolute] control of all aspects of the project.
    2. He gave the car a complete overhaul. [=made repairs to almost every part of the car]
    3. They sat in complete silence.
    4. The movie was a complete [=total] failure.
  • not requiring more work
    1. By autumn, the road construction should be complete. [=finished]
  • caught by the player the ball was thrown to
    1. The pass to the receiver was complete for a gain of 10 yards.
  • having or including (something good or desirable)
    1. a birthday cake complete with candles
    2. The school has built a new sports complex, complete with a skating rink.
    3. The car comes complete with [=includes] air-conditioning and a CD player.
  • Verb
  • to finish making or doing (something)
    1. I have completed my research. = My research is now completed.
    2. We completed the job.
    3. The project took four months to complete.
    4. He has completed the ninth grade. [=he has satisfied all the requirements for the ninth grade]
    5. I completed the form. [=I wrote all the required information on the form]
  • to make (something) whole or perfect
    1. Her latest purchase completes her collection.
    2. The new baby completed their family.
  • to throw (a forward pass) to a teammate who catches it
    1. The quarterback completed 12 out of 15 passes.

Những từ liên quan với COMPLETE

entire, end, do, perform, settle, develop, outright, finish, full, exhaustive, finalize, positive, conclude, halt, execute