• Verb
  • to cause (someone or something) to become dishonest, immoral, etc.
    1. He believes that violence on television and film is corrupting our children. [=teaching bad beliefs and behaviors to our children]
    2. a politician corrupted by greed
    3. music that corrupts the morals of children
    4. corrupting the country's legal system
    5. the corrupting influence/effects of power
  • to change (something) so that it is less pure or valuable
    1. He's convinced that the Internet is corrupting [=ruining] the English language.
    2. Their idealism has been corrupted by cynicism.
  • to change (a book, computer file, etc.) from the correct or original form
    1. The file has been corrupted and no longer works properly.
    2. corrupted databases/files
    3. a corrupted version of the ancient text
  • doing things that are dishonest or illegal in order to make money or to gain or keep power
    1. The country's justice system is riddled with corrupt judges who accept bribes.
    2. corrupt politicians/officials
    3. corrupt cops who sell drugs
  • done or controlled by dishonest and immoral people
    1. corrupt governments
    2. the country's corrupt legal system
  • dishonest, evil, or immoral
    1. society's corrupt values
  • changed or damaged
    1. a corrupt version of the text
    2. The document is corrupt.
    3. a corrupt computer file that no longer works properly

Những từ liên quan với CORRUPT

taint, venal, subvert, shady, debase, rotten, ruin, nefarious, fraudulent, impair, crooked, harm, depraved, evil