• Noun
  • a decorative object that is shaped like a circle and worn on the head of a king or queen for special ceremonies
  • a similar object worn by someone who is not an actual king or queen
    1. The winner of the beauty pageant walked down the runway wearing her sparkling crown.
  • a ring of leaves or flowers worn on the head of someone who has won a game, contest, or award
  • the government of a country that is officially ruled by a king or queen
    1. the blessing of the Spanish crown
    2. allegiance to the crown
    3. She was appointed by the Crown.
  • the position of power that a king or queen has
    1. When the king died childless, his brother assumed the crown. [=his brother became king]
  • something (such as a badge or decoration) in the shape of a king's or queen's crown
    1. a jacket with a crown insignia on the pocket
  • the title or position held by the person who has won a particular competition
    1. If he loses this match, he'll lose the heavyweight boxing crown. [=he will no longer be the champion]
  • the part of a tooth that can be seen
    1. an artificial crown made of porcelain
  • the top of the head
    1. She has a big bump on the crown [=top] of her head.
  • the part of a hat that covers the top of the head
    1. The hat has a rounded crown and a wide brim.
  • the highest part of something (such as a tree or mountain)
    1. From the tower, we could see the crowns of the trees below.
  • a unit of money used in several European countries
    1. Norwegian crowns
  • an old British coin worth five shillings
  • Verb
  • to put a crown on (a new king, queen, etc.)
    1. She was crowned queen at the age of 18.
  • to officially or formally give (someone) the title or position of a champion, winner, etc.
    1. The U.S. Open will crown a new champion Sunday. [=someone will be proclaimed champion at the U.S. Open championship]
    2. The magazine crowned her the new queen of rock-and-roll music.
  • to end (something) in a successful and impressive way
    1. She crowned her long and distinguished career by designing the city's beautiful new bridge.
  • to be on top of (something)
    1. Snow crowns the mountain year-round.
    2. The mountain is crowned with snow all year round.
    3. a hill crowned with yellow daffodils
    4. Her head is crowned by/with thick red hair.
  • to put an artificial crown on (a tooth)
    1. I broke a tooth and I'll have to have it crowned.
  • to hit (someone) on the head
    1. He got crowned with a beer bottle.

Những từ liên quan với CROWN

zenith, induct, peak, crest, climax, acme, apex, headdress, meridian, roof, inaugurate, head, culmination, pinnacle, perfection