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  • Verb
  • to use a sharp tool (such as a knife) to open or divide (something, such as paper or wood)
    1. Cut the paper along/on the dotted line (with a pair of scissors).
    2. cutting a piece of string
    3. He uses the ax to cut wood.
    4. The meat is so tender you can cut it with a fork.
    5. The excitement/tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. [=there was a lot of excitement/tension in the room]
    6. Cut along/on the dotted line.
    7. The saw easily cuts through metal.
    8. She cut into the melon with a knife.
  • to make a hole or wound in (a person's skin)
    1. I cut myself while shaving.
    2. I cut my finger on a sharp piece of metal. = A sharp piece of metal cut me (on the finger).
    3. I had a cut finger.
    4. We were fighting, and he tried to cut me with his knife.
    5. Pieces of broken glass cut her face and arms.
    6. He fell and cut his head open on a sharp rock.
  • to make (a hole) in something by using a sharp tool
    1. They cut a hole in the wall for the new window.
    2. Doctors begin by cutting a small incision in the chest.
    3. Cut several slits in the top of the crust to allow air to escape.
  • to divide or separate parts of (something) by using a sharp tool
    1. It's time to cut [=slice] the cake!
    2. I'll cut the apple in half so you both can have some.
    3. Would you cut me a slice of bread? = Would you cut a slice of bread for me?
    4. Add one large onion that has been cut into one-inch pieces.
    5. The chicken is cut into long strips and served on top of the salad.
    6. Her walls were covered with pictures cut from magazines.
    7. a piece of meat that is cut from the hind end of the animal
    8. She was cutting off pieces of watermelon and giving them to the children.
  • to be able to cut something
    1. This knife doesn't cut well.
  • to be able to be cut
    1. Aluminum foil cuts easily with scissors.
  • to make (hair, grass, etc.) shorter by using a sharp tool (such as scissors)
    1. I cut my hair short for the summer.
    2. Where'd you get your hair cut?
    3. I need to cut [=trim] my nails; they're way too long.
    4. She keeps her nails cut short.
    5. The grass in our yard needs to be cut. [=mowed]
    6. the smell of fresh-cut grass
    7. The wood is already cut to size/length. [=it has already been cut so that it is the proper size/length]
  • to give (hair or clothing) a certain style by cutting it
    1. Her hair is light brown and cut in a short bob.
    2. She was wearing a dress that was cut low at the neck. [=she was wearing a low-cut dress]
  • to give (something) a new shape by using a sharp tool
    1. a beautifully cut diamond
  • to make or form (something) by cutting or removing material
    1. We all cut [=carved] our names on/into the tree.
    2. The stream cuts a path through the woods.
    3. builders cutting new roads in the forest
    4. At the center of the table was a statue cut out of ice.
  • to make the amount of (something) smaller
    1. Our benefits were recently cut at work.
    2. The drug has been shown to cut the risk of heart attack by half.
    3. In just three years, the mayor has cut the city's crime in half.
    4. The President has promised to cut government spending.
    5. Cutting taxes can have positive and negative effects on the economy.
    6. measures that are designed to cut costs = cost-cutting measures
    7. The company's expenses had been cut to the bone. [=reduced to their lowest possible amount]
    8. This route can cut as much as five minutes off your driving time.
    9. Drug abuse cut many years off (of) his life. [=shortened his life by many years]
    10. We've cut 20 percent off the regular retail price.
  • to make (a book, film, etc.) shorter by removing parts
    1. His article was cut [=shortened] by about 500 words.
    2. The movie had to be cut because it was too long.
  • to remove (something) from a book, film, etc.
    1. The movie's director decided to cut [=cut out, omit] my part.
    2. The director cut the scene from the final version of the film.
    3. They decided to cut her report from the newscast.
    4. About 500 words were cut from his article.
  • to remove (something) from a computer document in a way that allows you to move it to another part of the document or to another document
    1. After you select the text with your mouse, you can cut it and then paste it at the beginning of the paragraph.
    2. You can cut and paste the picture into your file.
  • to remove (a plant or part of a plant) by cutting it
    1. It's illegal to cut [=cut down] trees in this forest.
    2. We'll start cutting and harvesting the wheat next week.
    3. He brought her a bouquet of cut flowers.
  • to cause (something) to no longer be connected
    1. The enemy has cut [=severed] our supply lines.
    2. He wanted to cut all ties with his past and start a new life.
  • to allow (someone or something) to be free, loose, etc., by cutting something that stops movement
    1. They were trapped inside the crushed car and had to be cut free. = They had to be cut from the car.
    2. The boat was cut loose from the pier and allowed to drift away.
  • to remove (someone) from a team, organization, etc.
    1. I was on the team for two weeks before I got cut.
    2. The coach cut two players from the team.
    3. The band was cut from the show at the last minute.
  • to divide (a pack of cards) into two piles
    1. You cut the deck and I'll deal.
    2. You cut and I'll deal.
  • to divide (an area of land) into two parts
    1. The river cuts the city in half.
    2. The mountain ridges are cut by deep valleys.
  • to move or go across or through something
    1. Let's take a shortcut and cut across this field.
    2. We cut through the park on our way home.
    3. The boundary line between the two countries cuts directly through the group's traditional homeland.
    4. National security is an issue that cuts across party lines. [=an issue that is important to both political parties]
    5. Child abuse cuts across all economic and racial lines/boundaries. [=it occurs in all economic and racial groups]
    6. Her academic interests cut across [=involve or relate to] many disciplines.
  • to move quickly
    1. a fast ship cutting through the waves
  • to move suddenly in a different direction
    1. The driver cut across three lanes of traffic to get to his exit and nearly caused an accident.
    2. (American football) The runner cut to his left to avoid being tackled.
  • to move in front of other people in a line
    1. That guy cut to the head of the line.
    2. She cut in front of us. = She cut ahead of us.
    3. Our friends let us cut in in front of them.
    4. Celebrities are allowed to cut in line at popular restaurants.
    5. Hey, no cutting (in line)!
  • to not go to (school or a class) when you should go to it
    1. We used to cut [=skip] school together and hang out at the beach.
    2. She would take notes for me when I cut class.
  • to record (a song, album, etc.)
    1. She's in the studio cutting a new track/song for her next album.
    2. Elvis Presley cut his first record in 1954.
  • to suddenly move from one image or scene to another in a movie, television program, etc.
    1. The movie cuts quickly from one scene to the next.
    2. The camera cut back to the actor's face.
    3. To explain the present situation, the film cuts back to the hero's childhood.
    4. They quickly cut away to the announcer when he appeared on stage.
  • to stop filming a scene in a movie or television show
    1. “Cut!” yelled the director.
  • to stop saying or doing (foolish or annoying things)
    1. Let's cut the nonsense and get down to business.
    2. Cut the crap, Jen! I know you're lying.
  • to stop (a motor) by moving a switch
    1. We cut the engine and drifted into shore.
    2. I parked and cut the ignition.
    3. The pilot cut off the engine after the plane had come to a stop.
  • to go to or deal with something in a very direct way
    1. Her question cut to the heart of the issue.
    2. This research cuts to the very core of who we are as human beings.
    3. Let me cut to the real reason why I'm here.
  • to cause painful feelings or emotions
    1. His words cut deeply.
    2. The disappointment cut like a knife.
    3. His harsh words cut me very deeply.
    4. She was cut to the quick [=she was very badly hurt] by their insults.
  • to make (alcohol) less strong by adding water or another liquid
    1. They cut [=diluted] the wine with water.
  • to make (a drug, such as heroin) less strong by mixing it with another substance
    1. The substance is used to cut cocaine.
  • to cause (dirt, grease, etc.) to break apart and be removed
    1. soap that cuts grease and grime
  • to write a check and give it to someone
    1. The company cut him a check and he cashed it.
  • to make an agreement usually about business
    1. The band cut a deal with a recording company.
  • to leave quickly in order to avoid danger or trouble
    1. You can't just cut and run when your friends are in trouble.
  • to dance in an energetic way
    1. He's not young anymore, but he can still cut a rug on the dance floor.
  • to have a tooth begin to come through the gums
    1. Their baby daughter cut her first tooth yesterday.
  • to remove (something that is not needed) by cutting
    1. They cut away [=cut off] a few of the tree's lower branches.
  • to use less or do less of something
    1. We've been spending too much money and we need to cut back. [=we need to spend less money]
    2. I've been trying to cut back on smoking.
    3. He's cut back on the time he spends in front of the TV.
  • to make (a plant) smaller or shorter by cutting its branches
    1. Cut back [=prune] the shrub in the late fall.
  • to reduce the size or amount of (something)
    1. We ran out of time and had to cut back our plans.
    2. They've cut back my hours at work.
  • to have both good and bad results, effects, etc.
    1. He knows that his extreme competitiveness cuts both ways.
    2. These changes in the economy cut both ways.
  • to remove (a tree or bush) by cutting through its trunk or base
    1. Most of the tree was dead, so we had to cut it down.
    2. Much of the forest has been cut down for firewood.
  • to kill or wound (someone)
    1. She was cut down by a stray bullet.
    2. The composer Schubert was cut down in his prime by illness. [=he died because of illness when he was in his prime]
  • to join a conversation suddenly
    1. We were trying to have a conversation, but she kept cutting in.
    2. “What are you guys talking about?” he cut in.
    3. He's always cutting in on our conversations.
  • to stop two people who are dancing and take the place of one of them
    1. He went up to the dancing couple and said, “May I cut in?”
  • to begin to work
    1. Once the heater cuts in [=kicks in], it'll be a lot more comfortable in here.
  • to include (someone) in a group of people who are receiving money or other benefits
    1. They'll help you start your business provided that you cut them in when you start making a profit.
    2. They want you to cut them in on [=to give them some of] the profits.
  • to add (something, such as butter) to dry ingredients (such as flour) by making cutting motions with a knife or other sharp tool
    1. After sifting the flour into a mixing bowl, use two knives to cut in the butter.
  • to reduce the amount of (something)
    1. Although it would cut into profits, we were forced to lower our prices.
    2. The extra time I was spending at work was cutting into my time with my family.
  • to be able to do something well enough
    1. After two weeks at the new job, he decided that he just couldn't cut it. [=that he couldn't do the job well enough to succeed]
    2. They didn't think that I would cut it as an actress.
    3. Everyone's using bold colors to decorate their homes. Plain white walls just don't cut it anymore. [=plain white walls are not acceptable anymore]
  • to almost not be able to do something
    1. They ended up winning the game, but they really cut it close [=they almost lost the game] at the end
    2. It's cutting it a bit fine to get to the station at 9:45 when the train leaves at 9:50!
  • to stop working suddenly
    1. The engine suddenly cut off. [=cut out]
    2. The air-conditioning cut off, and the room was silent.
  • to remove (something) by cutting
    1. Cut off dead flowers to promote new growth.
    2. I had very long hair, but I cut most of it off in college.
    3. He decided to cut off his beard.
    4. He was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. [=he was acting in a very excited and confused way]
  • to stop or end (something)
    1. They had a vote to cut off debate on the budget.
    2. The organization cut off its ties with the country's government.
    3. His family cut off all communication/contact with him after the incident.
  • to stop people from seeing or using (something)
    1. Their fence cuts off our view of the ocean.
    2. Many of the town's roads were cut off when the river overflowed.
    3. The army cut off all escape routes.
  • to stop the movement or supply of (something)
    1. The power was cut off to our apartment building.
    2. The earthquake cut off our water supply.
    3. They've decided to cut off funding/aid to the group.
    4. His main source of income had been cut off.
  • to cause (someone or something) to be separate or alone
    1. an island nation geographically cut off from the rest of the world
    2. They are cut off from (contact with) the outside world.
    3. She cut herself off from her family.
    4. He's emotionally cut off from his wife.
  • to stop (someone) from talking
    1. I was in the middle of telling a story when she cut me off [=she interrupted me] to ask about dinner.
    2. He spoke for 12 minutes until his teacher finally cut him off.
    3. I called him, but we got cut off [=we got disconnected; the telephone connection ended] two minutes into our conversation.
  • to drive in front of (someone in another vehicle) in a sudden and dangerous way
    1. He shouted at a driver who cut him off.
    2. Hey, that guy/car just cut me off!
  • to move ahead and force (someone) to stop
    1. “Sheriff, they're getting away!” “Don't worry, we'll take a shortcut and cut them off.”
  • to decide not to give money or property to (someone) after your death
    1. In her will, she cut off her son without a cent/penny.
    2. She cut him off completely.
  • to refuse to allow (someone) to drink more alcohol
    1. He's had too much to drink. We'd better cut him off.
  • to leave quickly and suddenly
    1. We were in a hurry to get home, so we cut out before the performance ended.
  • to move out of a line of traffic
    1. The other car/driver cut out from behind and sped ahead of us.
  • to form (something) by cutting with a sharp tool
    1. He got a piece of red paper and cut out a big heart. = He cut a big heart out of a piece of red paper.
    2. She cut out [=carved out] a place for herself in history. [=she caused herself to be important in history]
  • to remove (something) from something
    1. Fortunately, they cut [=took] that scene out of the movie.
    2. He cut out sugar from his diet and began eating more fruits and vegetables.
    3. I focused on my work and cut out everything else in my life.
  • to stop doing (something)
    1. I've cut down on the number of cigarettes I smoke, but I'd like to cut out [=give up] smoking altogether.
    2. I told you to cut that out! [=I told you to stop that]
    3. That's enough, kids. I mean it! Cut it out!
  • to cause (someone) to no longer be included in something
    1. She cut all of her children out of her will and left everything to her grandchildren.
    2. Don't cut me out of your life completely!
    3. We can save money by cutting out the middleman and ordering our supplies directly from the manufacturer.
  • to pretend not to see (someone you know)
    1. When I saw her on the street yesterday, she cut me dead.
  • to get through or past (something that blocks you or slows you down) quickly and directly
    1. We were able to start the project once she told us how to cut through the red tape.
    2. It took some time to cut through the lies and get to the truth.
    3. cutting through all the nonsense
    4. cutting through to the heart/essence of the problem
  • to behave in a silly or rude way
    1. I was sent to the principal's office for cutting up [=clowning around] in class.
  • to cut (something) into parts or pieces
    1. He cut up the candy into little pieces and gave it to the child.
    2. The area was cut up [=divided] into three separate farms.
    3. They cut up the wood into small pieces.
    4. We made sandwiches and cut them up into triangles.
  • to hurt or damage (someone or something) by cutting
    1. He got cut up pretty badly in the fight.
    2. His face and arms were all cut up.
  • to criticize (someone or something) in a harsh way
    1. The critics really cut up his last play.
  • to behave in an angry or violent way
    1. He got drunk and started to cut up rough.
  • Noun
  • an opening or hole made with a sharp tool (such as a knife)
    1. Make a few small cuts in the crust to let the air escape.
    2. a two-inch cut in the cloth
  • a wound on a person's body that is made by something sharp
    1. She had a small cut [=gash] above her left eye.
    2. He came home covered in cuts and bruises.
    3. a deep/superficial cut
    4. a paper cut [=a cut made by the edge of a piece of paper]
  • an act of making something smaller in amount
    1. Further cuts in spending are needed.
    2. He had to accept a cut in pay. = He had to accept a pay cut.
    3. a tax cut
  • the act of removing something from a book, movie, etc.
    1. You'll have to make a few cuts in your manuscript if you want us to publish it.
  • a version of a movie at a particular stage of being edited
    1. Fortunately, that scene didn't make the film's final cut. [=that scene did not appear in the final version of the film]
    2. I saw a rough cut [=a version that is not yet finished] of the movie.
    3. a director's cut [=a special version of a movie that is created by the director and that usually includes scenes that are not included in other versions]
  • a song on a record, tape, or CD
    1. We listened to the same cut [=track] over and over.
  • the shape and style of a piece of clothing
    1. the cut of his pants
  • the act or result of cutting someone's hair
    1. I had a shampoo and a cut.
  • a piece of meat that is cut from a particular part of an animal's body
    1. a thick/tender/expensive cut of meat
  • a part of something that is divided and shared among people
    1. We each got a cut [=share] of the profits.
  • the act of reducing the size of a group (such as a group of competitors) by removing the ones that are not good enough or that have not done well enough
    1. He has to birdie the last hole in order to make the cut. [=in order to have a score that is low enough to be among the players allowed to continue playing]
    2. If he doesn't birdie this hole, he'll miss the cut.
    3. Only the best players are good enough to make the cut when the team is being chosen.
  • better than other people or things
    1. All of his books are good, but this one is a cut above (the rest).
    2. She's a cut above the other competitors and should win easily.
  • the lively and exciting quality of an activity in which people compete or argue with each other
    1. He has always enjoyed the cut and thrust of politics.

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