Danger | Mean of danger in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • the possibility that you will be hurt or killed
    1. I was unaware of the danger that lay ahead.
    2. She was fearless in the face of danger.
    3. None of us had any real sense of danger. [=we did not think that we might be hurt or killed]
    4. It was a journey fraught with danger. [=a very dangerous journey]
    5. Patients need to be informed about the danger posed by the drug. [=about the ways the drug could possibly hurt them]
    6. The sign on the door read “Danger. Keep out.”
    7. Their lives are in (grave/great/serious) danger.
    8. We're not out of danger yet. [=there is still a chance that we could be hurt or killed]
  • the possibility that something unpleasant or bad will happen
    1. There's less danger that you'll lose your money if you have a wide variety of investments.
    2. We're all in danger of losing our jobs. [=we may all lose our jobs]
    3. These animals are in danger of becoming extinct. = They are in danger of extinction.
    4. (humorous) Don't worry about being ready for us by noon. There's no danger [=no chance] that we'll actually be there on time.
    5. There's a danger that your apology will be taken as a sign of weakness.
    6. The danger is that we'll become careless as the process becomes more familiar.
    7. The doctor warned that too much exertion could push my heart rate into the danger zone.
    8. The houses are in a danger zone for wildfires. [=an area in which wildfires sometimes happen]
  • a person or thing that is likely to cause injury, pain, harm, or loss
    1. It's important to teach your children about the dangers of smoking.
    2. Here is a list of possible dangers associated with the procedure.
    3. We believe it poses a serious danger to our national security.
    4. He is a danger to himself and others. [=he might hurt himself and other people]
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