Darkness | Mean of darkness in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a state in which little or no light can be seen
    1. We tried to find our way through the darkness. [=dark]
    2. the darkness of the movie theater
    3. He escaped under cover of darkness. [=while it was dark outside; at night]
    4. in the early morning darkness = in the darkness of early morning
    5. We watched the mountains fade into the darkness.
    6. 12 hours of darkness
    7. Although the picture was taken in near darkness, you can still see her white dress.
    8. absolute/complete/total darkness
  • the state of having a color or shade that is closer to black than white
    1. The darkness of the clouds warned us that rain was coming.
    2. the rich darkness of his skin
  • a state in which information is hidden from most people
    1. The family's secret remained hidden/shrouded in darkness [=secrecy] and mystery.
  • evil or wickedness
    1. They set off to fight the forces/powers of darkness.
  • a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education
    1. people living in darkness [=ignorance] and sin

Những từ liên quan với DARKNESS

seclusion, obscurity, blackout, isolation, gloom, nightfall, secrecy, dusk
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