• Verb
  • to destroy (a building, bridge, etc.)
    1. The old factory was demolished to make way for a new parking lot.
    2. Tons of explosives were used to demolish the building.
    3. The town hopes to restore the old theater rather than have it demolished.
  • to damage (something) so that it cannot be repaired
    1. The car was demolished in the accident.
    2. His professional reputation was demolished [=ruined] by the scandal.
    3. The research demolished several myths about the disease.
    4. Her study demolished a theory that had gone unquestioned for years.
  • to eat all of (something) quickly
    1. We demolished [=devoured] the pie in only a few minutes.
  • to defeat (a person or team) easily or completely
    1. They demolished the other team 51–7.