• feeling sad
    1. I've been feeling a little depressed [=(informally) down, blue] lately.
    2. The rainy weather had her feeling lonely and depressed.
    3. He was depressed about having to return to school.
    4. in a depressed mood
  • having a serious medical condition that causes a person to feel very sad, hopeless, and unimportant
    1. The new drug is being tested on a group of severely depressed patients.
  • having little economic activity and few jobs
    1. living in a depressed area
    2. a depressed economy
  • less strong, active, high, etc., than usual
    1. The patient has a somewhat depressed appetite.
    2. Prices have remained at a depressed level.

Những từ liên quan với DEPRESSED

sad, pessimistic, bleeding, despondent, poor, distressed, needy, blue, morose, ripped, dispirited, dejected