• Verb
  • to go down
    1. Wait for the elevator to descend.
    2. The workers descended into the hole.
    3. The submarine was descending.
    4. They descended from [=got down from] the platform.
    5. A herd of goats descended into the valley.
    6. The airplane will descend to a lower altitude soon.
    7. Descending the mountain was even more dangerous than climbing/ascending it.
    8. The children descended the staircase silently.
    9. descend a ladder
  • to slope or lead downward
    1. The path descends to the river.
    2. The stairs descended into the tunnel.
  • to go or change to a worse state or condition
    1. After his wife died, he descended [=sank] into a deep depression.
    2. The classroom descended into chaos after the teacher left.
  • to appear or happen like something that comes down from the sky
    1. As night descended, the campers built a fire.
    2. The invaders descended on the village without warning. [=the invaders attacked without warning]
    3. In autumn/fall, thousands of students descend on/upon [=visit] our town.
    4. Silence descended upon the crowd. [=the crowd became silent]
  • to have (something or someone in the past) as an origin or source
    1. Recent evidence supports the theory that birds descended from dinosaurs.
    2. The plants descend from a common ancestor.
    3. The tradition descends from [=comes from] an ancient custom.
    4. They claim to be descended from a noble British family.
  • to become owned by (someone) when the former owner has died
    1. The estate descended to her from her grandparents. [=she inherited the estate from her grandparents]
  • to lower yourself by doing (something)
    1. She was desperate for money, but she would not descend to [=(more commonly) stoop to] asking her friends for help.

Những từ liên quan với DESCEND

degenerate, slide, stumble, settle, slip, dip, disembark, plummet, collapse, plunge, crash, deteriorate, sink, dive, penetrate