• not clean
    1. All my socks are dirty.
    2. Try not to get your clothes dirty.
    3. dirty dishes
    4. I can't breathe this dirty city air.
    5. The baby has a dirty diaper.
  • indecent and offensive
    1. dirty language
  • relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way
    1. dirty [=pornographic] movies/magazines/pictures
    2. I hate listening to his dirty jokes.
    3. He has a dirty mind. [=he often thinks about sex]
  • not fair or honest
    1. He has a reputation as a dirty player. [=he cheats; he tries to hurt his opponents]
    2. a criminal's dirty money [=money earned in an illegal activity]
    3. That was a dirty trick! [=an unkind thing to do]
  • very bad
    1. War is a dirty business.
    2. It's a dirty shame that nobody tried to help him.
    3. That's a dirty lie!
    4. He's a dirty liar!
  • likely to cause shame or disgrace
    1. That's the dirty [=shameful] little secret that the industry doesn't want you to know.
  • difficult or unpleasant
    1. Why do I always get stuck doing the dirty work?
    2. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.
    3. Our boss isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and help us finish the work on time.
  • showing dislike or anger
    1. She gave me a dirty look.
  • not clear or bright in color
    1. a dirty [=dull] red
  • Verb
  • to make (something) dirty
    1. Take off your shoes to keep from dirtying the floor.
    2. Her fingers were dirtied with ink.
    3. The baby just dirtied [=soiled] her diaper.
    4. The river was dirtied [=polluted] with industrial waste.
  • in an unfair or dishonest way
    1. Watch out for her. She plays dirty.
    2. He usually wins because he fights dirty.
  • in an indecent or offensive way
    1. talking dirty

Những từ liên quan với DIRTY

muddy, smear, blacken, nasty, disheveled, filthy, sleazy, coarse, dusty, sloppy, greasy, messy