• Verb
  • to remove mud from the bottom of (a lake, river, etc.) in order to deepen it or to search for something
    1. They dredged the river.
    2. They are dredging for oysters.
  • to dig (something) out of the bottom of a lake, river, etc.
    1. They dredged sand from the river to add to the eroding beach.
    2. They dredge oysters in the bay.
    3. They are dredging up silt from the canal bottom.
  • to start talking or thinking again about (something unpleasant that happened a long time ago)
    1. Reporters dredged up the fact that the senator avoided the military draft.
    2. She didn't like to dredge up bad memories.
  • Noun
  • a machine or boat that removes mud, sand, etc., from the bottom of a lake, river, etc.
  • Verb
  • to lightly cover (food) with a dry substance (such as sugar or flour)
    1. Dredge the fish in flour before frying it.
    2. The cookies had been dredged with powdered sugar.

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