• Verb
  • to get (money, a salary, etc.) for work that you have done
    1. She earns a good salary.
    2. I need to earn some money.
    3. He will do anything to earn his keep. [=to earn what is needed to support himself]
    4. She's just trying to earn a living. [=to earn the money needed for food, clothing, etc.]
  • to deserve or get (something) because of something you have done
    1. He earned a promotion through hard work.
    2. The team has earned [=gained] a reputation for poor sportsmanship.
    3. She needs to earn [=gain, win] their trust/respect.
  • to make (someone) worthy or deserving of (something)
    1. His hard work earned [=gained] him a promotion.
    2. Her honesty earned [=gained, won] her their trust/respect.

Những từ liên quan với EARN

clear, gain, perform, gross, draw, receive, collect, rate, acquire, get, make, reap, pull, derive, score