• containing nothing
    1. The box was empty.
    2. an empty beer can
    3. vast empty spaces
    4. empty shelves
    5. This medication should not be taken on an empty stomach. [=you should eat something before taking this medication]
  • not having any people
    1. an empty house
    2. an empty beach/street
    3. empty beds/seats
    4. an empty factory
    5. The arena was completely empty.
  • having no real purpose or value
    1. She felt trapped in an empty marriage.
    2. unhappy people leading empty lives
  • having no effect
    1. an empty [=hollow, idle] threat
    2. an empty promise
    3. Her apology was just an empty gesture.
    4. Their promises are just a lot of empty talk/words.
  • not showing emotion or life
    1. She looked at me with empty eyes.
    2. a crowd of empty faces
  • completely without (something)
    1. The arena was empty of spectators.
    2. The streets are now empty of traffic.
  • Verb
  • to remove the contents of (something)
    1. empty (out) a bag
    2. She emptied her purse (out) onto the table.
    3. The bomb threat emptied the crowded theater. [=caused everyone to leave the theater]
    4. He emptied his glass. [=he drank everything that was in his glass]
    5. She tried to empty her mind (of thoughts).
    6. He emptied his gun. [=he shot all the bullets in his gun]
  • to remove all of (something) from a container
    1. She emptied the contents of her purse onto the table.
    2. It's your turn to empty the trash.
  • to become empty
    1. The theater emptied (out) quickly after the show.
  • to flow into (something)
    1. The river empties into the Indian Ocean.
  • Noun
  • an empty bottle or can
    1. Return your empties here.

Những từ liên quan với EMPTY

consume, barren, flat, desolate, hollow, blank, bare, idle, dry, exhaust, dump, meaningless, drain, devoid