Exhibition | Mean of exhibition in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • an act of showing some quality or trait
    1. a notable exhibition of courage
    2. give/provide an exhibition of bad manners
  • an event at which objects (such as works of art) are put out in a public space for people to look at
    1. There were several famous paintings at the exhibition.
    2. an exhibition of early American crafts
  • the act of showing something in public
    1. helping to promote artists by exhibition of their paintings
  • a public display of athletic skill
    1. a fencing exhibition
    2. an exhibition baseball game [=an unofficial game that does not count in the standings]
  • to behave in a foolish or embarrassing way in public
    1. He got drunk at the wedding and made an exhibition of himself in front of everyone.
  • being publicly shown in an exhibition
    1. The coin collection will be (placed/put) on exhibition [=on exhibit] next week.
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