• Verb
  • to lose strength or freshness
    1. The flowers were fading in the vase.
    2. the fading light of late afternoon
    3. She was fading fast from the effects of the pneumonia.
    4. Her hearing gradually faded (away) as she grew older.
    5. His voice faded off into a whisper. = His voice faded to a whisper.
  • to disappear gradually
    1. We watched the ship gradually fade from view as it sailed away.
    2. The smile faded from his face.
    3. Hopes for a quick end of the crisis are fading fast.
    4. Their reasons for leaving have faded from memory.
    5. He's trying to recapture the faded glory of his youth.
    6. The band's popularity has faded in recent years.
  • to become less bright
    1. The fabric will fade unless you protect it from the sunlight.
    2. The colors of the photograph have faded with time.
    3. Exposure to the elements has faded the car's finish.
    4. blue jeans faded by wear
    5. She was wearing faded blue jeans.
  • to change gradually in loudness, strength, or appearance
    1. As the hero rides into the sunset, the screen fades to black. [=the image gradually changes until the screen is completely black]
    2. One scene fades out as the next fades in.
    3. The radio signal faded out as we got further from the station.
    4. The sound of her voice gradually faded out.
  • Noun
  • a gradual change from one picture to another in a movie or television program
    1. The movie ends with a fade to black.

Những từ liên quan với FADE

blanch, fall, dim, dull, abate, disappear, evaporate, dissolve, lessen, diminish, deteriorate, sink, fail, ebb, melt