• not real or genuine
    1. false documents
    2. false teeth/hair/eyelashes
    3. a trunk with a false bottom
  • not true or accurate
    1. Indicate whether each of the following statements is true or false.
  • deliberately untrue
    1. false testimony
    2. false accusations/statements
    3. a false promise
    4. false advertising
    5. He registered at the hotel under a false name.
    6. The loan was obtained on/under false pretenses. [=by pretending that a certain condition or circumstance was true]
  • based on mistaken ideas
    1. Your conclusion is based on false [=incorrect] assumptions.
    2. false confidence/pride
    3. false expectations/hopes
    4. The dog gave her a false sense of security. [=made her feel safe when she was not really safe]
  • not faithful or loyal
    1. a false friend
  • not sincere
    1. false modesty
    2. false sympathy
  • sudden or deceptive in a threatening way
    1. The police warned him not to make any false moves/movements. [=movements that are not expected and that may be threatening or dangerous]