Fat | Mean of fat in English Dictionary


  • having a lot of extra flesh on your body
    1. The dog is getting fat because you feed him too much.
    2. a cute, fat baby
    3. I can't believe I've let myself get so fat.
    4. a movie that has a lot of fat jokes [=jokes about fat people]
    5. She called him a big, fat slob.
    6. She's gotten really fat. [=(more politely) big, heavy]
  • having a full, rounded form
    1. a fat belly
    2. a fat, juicy peach
    3. He threatened to give me a fat lip. [=he threatened to punch me]
  • unusually wide or thick
    1. a fat book of poems
    2. a fat envelope
    3. a truck with fat tires
  • containing, providing, or costing a large amount of money
    1. a fat bank account
    2. He signed a fat contract.
    3. The company offered her a fat salary.
    4. a fat check [=a check for a large amount of money]
    5. He had to pay a fat [=big] fine.
  • successful or wealthy
    1. The company grew fat on profits during the war.
  • easy to hit
    1. a fat pitch right down the middle of the plate
  • Noun
  • the soft flesh on the bodies of people and animals that helps keep the body warm and is used to store energy
    1. people with excess body fat
    2. a diet and exercise program to help you gain muscle and lose fat
    3. exercises that burn fat = fat-burning exercises [=exercises that make your body use the fat it has stored]
  • an oily solid or liquid substance in food
    1. Nuts contain a lot of fat.
    2. milk/bacon fat
    3. Trim the fat from the meat before you cook it.
    4. foods that are high in fat = foods with a high fat content
    5. reducing dietary fat
    6. a diet low in fat [=a low-fat diet]
    7. a diet low in fats
    8. saturated fats
    9. fats like butter and olive oil
  • an amount that is more than what is usual or needed
    1. trim the fat off/from the budget

Những từ liên quan với FAT

gross, plump, lucrative, solid, meaty, flesh, bulky, chunky, lard, inflated, obese, bull, big, greasy
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