Fearful | Mean of fearful in English Dictionary


  • feeling fear
    1. He plays the role of a timid and fearful clerk.
    2. fearful [=afraid] of danger
    3. He was fearful of being left behind. = He was fearful that he would be left behind.
    4. She was fearful for their safety. [=she was afraid that they were not safe]
  • showing or caused by fear
    1. a fearful glance
  • very bad or extreme
    1. a fearful waste
    2. fearful cold
    3. They won the war but at a fearful cost.
  • causing fear
    1. I spent a fearful night alone in the woods.

Những từ liên quan với FEARFUL

disturbed, chicken, nervous, aghast, fainthearted, jittery, scared, diffident, anxious, skittish, hesitant
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