• fairly hard or solid
    1. firm flesh
    2. firm muscles
    3. a firm mattress
    4. a firm stomach
    5. a firm cheese
  • set, placed, or attached in a way that is not easily moved
    1. a firm base/foundation
    2. He believes that his argument is on firm ground/footing. [=that he has good support, evidence, etc., for his argument]
  • not weak or uncertain
    1. a firm [=strong] handshake/grip
    2. She has a firm grasp of the basic principles.
    3. They insist on maintaining firm control over the project.
    4. He spoke to her in a soft but firm voice.
    5. The time has come for us to take a firm stand.
    6. The children need gentle but firm handling.
  • not likely to change or be changed
    1. We've made firm [=definite] plans for next weekend.
    2. a firm price/estimate/offer
    3. The dollar remained firm against the euro.
    4. reaching a firm conclusion/decision
    5. They haven't set a firm date for their wedding.
    6. The campaign has taken a firm hold on the public's imagination.
  • having or showing true and constant support for something or someone
    1. I'm a firm [=strong] believer in the value of exercise. = I have a firm belief in the value of exercise.
    2. Those two are firm friends. [=they are very close friends]
  • Verb
  • to put (something, such as a plan) into a final form
    1. We still need to firm up our vacation plans.
  • to make (something) harder or more solid
    1. I've been doing exercises to firm (up) and strengthen my stomach muscles.
    2. She firmed [=tightened] her grip on the racket.
  • to make (something) stronger
    1. Her early failures only firmed [=strengthened] her resolve (to succeed).
  • to become less likely to change or become weaker
    1. The market is firming.
    2. The market is firming up.
    3. Imports are rising and prices are firming up.
  • Noun
  • a business organization
    1. a law firm
    2. a consulting firm [=company]