• Verb
  • to make (something) whole or able to work properly again
    1. He fixed the fence last weekend.
    2. I need to fix this dent in my car.
    3. fix a leaky faucet
  • to deal with or correct (a problem)
    1. Your proposals won't fix [=solve] anything.
    2. People expect the schools to fix whatever is wrong with their kids.
  • to attach (something) in such a way that it will not move
    1. All tables on the ship will be fixed to the floor.
    2. fix [=attach, fasten] this sign to your door
    3. The table was fixed firmly to the floor.
    4. The scarf was fixed in place with a pin.
    5. I want to fix this moment in my mind forever. [=I want to remember this moment forever]
  • to set or place (something) definitely
    1. They haven't yet fixed the date of their wedding.
    2. They fixed the price at $10.
    3. illegal price fixing
  • to find out (something) with certainty
    1. Investigators are still attempting to fix the exact time of the accident.
    2. We're trying to fix [=get a fix on] the ship's location.
  • to arrange the details of something
    1. My lawyer fixed it [=made arrangements] so I wouldn't have to go to court.
  • to make (something, such as a meal) ready
    1. fix [=prepare, make] dinner
    2. Can I fix [=make] you a drink? = Can I fix a drink for you?
  • to make (someone's hair, makeup, etc.) neat or attractive
    1. We had to wait 10 minutes while she fixed her hair.
    2. fixing her lipstick/makeup
  • to control or affect (something, such as a game or election) in a dishonest way
    1. They were accused of fixing games in college.
    2. The election was fixed.
    3. fix a parking ticket [=arrange for someone to not have to pay a fine for parking illegally]
  • to change the appearance of (someone's face, nose, etc.) through surgery
    1. She wants to get her nose fixed.
  • to do something to punish (someone who has treated you badly or unfairly)
    1. They thought they could cheat me, but I fixed them good.
    2. I'll fix you!
  • to make (an animal) unable to reproduce
    1. You should have your dog/cat fixed.
  • to be or get ready to do something
    1. They were fixing to leave.
    2. It looks like it's fixing to rain. [=it's about to rain]
  • to change (nitrogen) into a stable or useful form
    1. bacteria that fix nitrogen
  • to direct your attention or thoughts toward (something)
    1. He has fixed on/upon the idea of going back to school.
    2. All eyes fixed on her as she entered the room. [=everyone looked at her as she entered the room]
  • to make a decision about or choose (something)
    1. After weeks of discussion, they've finally fixed on a solution.
  • to look directly at (someone) usually in an angry way
    1. She fixed him with an angry stare. [=she stared at him angrily]
  • to improve the appearance or condition of (something, such as a building) by repairing it, making changes to it, etc.
    1. We spent thousands of dollars fixing up our house.
  • to make (someone or something) more attractive or fancy
    1. I need a few minutes to fix myself up before we leave.
    2. She got herself all fixed up [=dressed up, spruced up] for the party.
  • to provide (someone) with something that is needed or wanted
    1. They can fix you up with a rental car at the airport.
  • to provide a possible boyfriend or girlfriend for (someone)
    1. My mother tried to fix me up with one of her friends' sons.
  • to look at (someone or something) steadily
    1. Everyone fixed their eyes on her as she entered the room.
  • to direct your hopes, efforts, etc., toward (something)
    1. They fixed their sights on winning the championship.
    2. She has her hopes fixed on a career in journalism. [=she hopes/wants to have a career in journalism]
  • Noun
  • a difficult or embarrassing situation
    1. I found myself in an awful fix. [=mess, predicament]
  • something that solves a problem
    1. There's no easy fix to this problem.
    2. a quick fix
  • the act of dishonestly controlling or affecting something (such as a game or election)
    1. The result was unexpected, and some people suspect a fix.
    2. (US) It was obvious early in the game that the fix was in. [=the outcome of the game was being controlled or affected in a dishonest way]
  • an amount of an illegal drug that someone wants or needs to have
    1. He was desperately in search of his next fix.
    2. I got my nostalgia fix at my class reunion.
    3. an ice-cream fix
  • the exact position of something (such as a ship or an airplane)
    1. an accurate fix
    2. We're trying to get a fix on the ship's location. [=trying to find or determine the ship's exact location]
  • an accurate understanding of something
    1. Voters are still trying to get a fix on her character.
    2. Analysts are reading reports to get a fix on how the market will perform.

Những từ liên quan với FIX

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