• Noun
  • a short, quick movement
    1. with a flick of his thumb
    2. a flick of the wrist
    3. She turned on the light with a flick [=flip] of a switch.
  • Verb
  • to move (something) with a short, quick movement
    1. flick a switch
    2. The snake flicked its tongue in and out.
    3. a cow flicking its tail back and forth
    4. She flicked her hair back over her shoulder.
    5. The snake's tongue flicked in and out.
  • to cause (something) to fly through the air by making a quick movement with your hand, finger, or thumb
    1. She flicked an ash into the ashtray.
    2. He flicked his cigarette butt out the window.
  • to turn (something) on or off with a switch
    1. flick on the TV
    2. flick off the lights
  • to hit (someone or something) with a short quick movement
    1. The boys were flicking each other with towels.

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