• Verb
  • to grow well
    1. plants and animals that flourished here thousands of years ago
  • to be very successful
    1. Regional markets have flourished in recent years.
    2. a decorative style that flourished in the 1920s
    3. a flourishing business
  • to hold up and show (something) in an excited or proud way
    1. Dressed as a pirate, he entered the stage flourishing his sword.
  • Noun
  • something that is added as a detail or decoration
    1. the floral flourishes in the living room
    2. a house with many clever little flourishes
    3. Her writing style is simple and clear, without unnecessary flourishes.
  • a dramatic or fancy way of doing something
    1. Dinner was served with a flourish.
  • a sudden smooth movement that is likely to be noticed
    1. He waved his sword with a flourish.
    2. She opened the door with a flourish.
    3. With a flourish of her pen, she signed the bill into law.
  • a short and exciting piece of music played by trumpets
    1. a flourish of trumpets

Những từ liên quan với FLOURISH

augment, spiral, curl, develop, flower, garnish, expand, quirk, multiply, bloom, ornamentation, boom, plume