• Verb
  • to form something by heating and shaping metal
    1. forging hooks out of pieces of iron = forging pieces of iron into hooks
  • to form or create (something, such as an agreement or relationship) through great effort
    1. The two countries have forged a strong alliance.
    2. They were able to forge a peaceful relationship.
  • to make or copy (something, such as a document or signature) falsely in order to deceive someone
    1. forge a check
    2. forge a signature
    3. a forged passport
  • Noun
  • a place where objects are made by heating and shaping metal
  • Verb
  • to move forward slowly and steadily
    1. The hikers forged through the snow.
    2. The ship forged ahead through heavy seas.
  • to move with a sudden increase of speed and power
    1. On the last lap, he forged into the lead.
    2. The company has forged ahead of its competitors.

Những từ liên quan với FORGE

duplicate, pirate, copy, scratch, build, invent, reproduce, construct, fabricate, imitate, form, make, falsify, devise, create