• very obvious or noticeable
    1. There is a gross [=glaring] error in the text.
    2. They have suffered a gross injustice.
    3. That's a gross exaggeration.
  • rude or offensive
    1. gross [=vulgar, coarse] language
  • very disgusting
    1. That soup looks gross.
    2. She has a gross habit of chewing on the ends of her hair.
  • including everything
    1. What was the gross [=total] weight of the shipment?
    2. the company's gross annual profits
    3. Their gross earnings were $50,000.
  • very big or fat
    1. a gross man with an enormous belly
  • Verb
  • to cause (someone) to feel disgusted
    1. He's always grossing me out by playing with his food.
    2. I was really grossed out by all the blood and guts in the movie.
  • to earn (an amount of money) before taxes, expenses, etc., are taken away
    1. They grossed $50,000 before taxes.
  • Noun
  • the amount of money earned before taxes, expenses, etc., are taken away
    1. They give five percent of their gross to charity every year.
  • a group of 144 things
    1. a gross of pencils
    2. selling pencils by the gross

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