Harmonize | Mean of harmonize in English Dictionary


  • Verb
  • to play or sing different musical notes that sound pleasing together
    1. A group of singers were harmonizing on the street corner.
  • to be combined or go together in a pleasing way
    1. The flavors harmonize (with one another) beautifully.
    2. Their beliefs did not always harmonize.
  • to cause (two or more things) to be combined or to go together in a pleasing or effective way
    1. The singers harmonized their voices beautifully.
    2. a recipe that harmonizes flavors from different parts of the world
    3. The background music is not harmonized with the action on-screen.

Những từ liên quan với HARMONIZE

relate, accord, integrate, cooperate, combine, carol, adapt, adjust, set, coordinate, proportion, sing, attune, reconcile, compose
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