• having great weight
    1. “Is that box too heavy for you to lift?” “No, it's not very heavy.”
    2. a heavy suitcase
    3. heavy pots and pans
    4. The truck was carrying a heavy load.
  • large in size and weight
    1. The man was six feet tall with a heavy build.
    2. a tall, heavy [=(less politely) fat] man
  • having a particular weight
    1. How heavy is it? [=how much does it weigh?]
  • greater in amount or degree than usual
    1. Turnout for the election is expected to be heavy.
    2. We got caught in heavy traffic.
  • strong
    1. heavy perfume
    2. heavy winds
  • great in amount
    1. Heavy rains caused flooding in the area.
    2. heavy bleeding/sweating
    3. She was wearing sunglasses and heavy makeup.
    4. The storm caused heavy damage to the building.
    5. The company is facing heavy losses this quarter.
    6. We suffered heavy casualties. [=many deaths or injuries]
    7. a day of heavy fighting
  • difficult to accept or bear
    1. They are paying a heavy price for their mistakes.
    2. It is a heavy burden for one person to bear.
    3. The stress has taken a heavy toll on his health.
    4. heavy fines/penalties
  • great in degree or effect
    1. He came under heavy attack/fire for his comments.
    2. She is the heavy favorite to win.
    3. the country's heavy reliance on oil
    4. (chiefly Brit) He caught a heavy cold.
  • involving a lot of physical effort
    1. an hour of heavy exercise/exertion
    2. Why do I have to do all the heavy work?
    3. I hurt my back and couldn't do any heavy lifting.
    4. He does all the heavy lifting [=difficult work] while his partner gets the recognition.
  • very loud or forceful
    1. The song has a heavy beat.
    2. There was a heavy knock at the door.
    3. heavy footsteps
    4. He delivered a heavy blow to his opponent.
    5. The new government was dealt a heavy blow.
  • important and serious
    1. We were having a heavy conversation about our son's future.
    2. This is pretty heavy stuff.
    3. doing some heavy reading/thinking
    4. a heavy thinker
  • difficult to move or lift up because of tiredness
    1. My legs became heavier with every step.
    2. Her eyelids grew heavy.
  • dense and thick
    1. He has a heavy beard.
    2. The animals have shed their heavy winter coats.
    3. areas of forest and heavy brush
    4. heavy fog/smoke
    5. heavy clay soil
  • made of thick material
    1. a heavy winter coat
    2. heavy blankets
  • having too much heat, moisture, etc., and not enough fresh air
    1. The air was heavy and still.
    2. The air in the room was heavy with smoke.
    3. the heavy odor of wet dogs
  • showing signs of rain or snow
    1. sailing in heavy weather
    2. a heavy sky
    3. heavy clouds
  • having large waves
    1. heavy seas
  • deep and loud
    1. She let out a heavy sigh.
    2. the heavy breathing of a tired runner
    3. a night of heavy breathing
  • eating, drinking, or using large amounts of something
    1. a heavy eater/drinker/smoker
    2. a cook who has a heavy hand with the salt [=who uses too much salt]
  • done often and in large amounts
    1. heavy alcohol consumption
    2. Years of heavy smoking had destroyed her lungs.
  • very rich, dense, or thick
    1. fruit in heavy syrup
    2. The bread was a little heavy.
  • making your stomach feel full
    1. heavy desserts
    2. a heavy breakfast of pancakes and sausage
  • large and powerful
    1. heavy machinery/equipment
    2. the army's tanks and heavy artillery
    3. He flew heavy bombers in World War II.
  • having more weapons and armor than other groups
    1. heavy infantry/cavalry
  • very easy to notice
    1. She spoke French/English/German with a heavy [=thick] accent.
  • an important romantic date
    1. He has a heavy date tonight.
  • difficult to do or finish
    1. The cold made the race heavy going for many runners.
    2. The book is really heavy going at the beginning.
  • having or using a large amount of (something)
    1. His movies are light/low on talk and heavy on action.
    2. She tends to be heavy on the salt. [=she uses a lot of salt]
  • someone who does not wake up easily
  • carrying or having a large amount of (something)
    1. The trees are heavy with fruit.
    2. Her comments were heavy with irony.
  • to treat (something) in a way that makes it seem more important or difficult than it really is
    1. an actor who makes heavy weather of what should be a simple scene
  • in a heavy way
    1. The smoke hung/lay heavy in the air.
    2. The decision weighs heavy on my mind. [=the decision is difficult and causes me to feel worried]
  • to use a lot of (something)
    1. Go heavy on the sauce, please.
  • Noun
  • a bad person in a movie or play
    1. He played the heavy in film after film.
  • a person or thing that is serious, important, or powerful
    1. The conference will be attended by several media heavies.
    2. They have become one of the industry heavies.