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  • Noun
  • a measurement of how tall a person or thing is
    1. What's the height of the building?
    2. These bushes grow to heights of up to five feet.
    3. a woman of average height
    4. We were measured for height and weight.
    5. The ride has a height requirement. You have to be four feet tall to ride.
    6. He is six feet in height. [=(more commonly) he is six feet tall]
    7. She rose/stood (up) to her full height. [=she stood straight up]
  • the condition of being tall
    1. I was surprised by his height.
  • the distance above a level or surface
    1. The land reaches a height of 600 feet above sea level.
    2. The height of the ceiling is eight feet. [=the ceiling is eight feet above the floor; the ceiling is eight feet high]
  • a great distance above the ground
    1. It was frightening to look down from such a dizzying/great height.
    2. I'm afraid of heights.
  • an area that is higher than the areas around it
    1. The soldiers left the height they were defending.
    2. We used to live in Washington Heights.
    3. the Golan Heights
  • the most advanced or extreme point of something
    1. During the height of the violence, dozens of people lost their lives.
    2. He was at the height of his fame when he died. [=he died when he was most famous]
    3. At its height, their civilization was the greatest in the world.
  • very good or successful levels
    1. Her popularity rose/soared to great heights.
    2. They have taken the company to new heights.

Những từ liên quan với HEIGHT

peak, rise, crest, ceiling, Highness, elevation, extent, acme, apex, cusp, brow, pinnacle, mountain, prominence, stature
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