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  • Verb
  • to move your hand, a bat, etc., quickly so that it touches someone or something in a forceful or violent way
    1. She told her son to stop hitting his sister.
    2. She hit him hard with her purse.
    3. He hit the fence with a stick. = He hit a stick against/on the fence.
    4. The boxers hit each other with their fists.
    5. The boxers were hitting furiously at each other.
  • to cause (something, such as a ball) to move by hitting it forcefully with a bat, racket, etc.
    1. He hit a fastball (over the fence) for a home run.
    2. She hit the ball right to the shortstop.
  • to touch (something or someone) in a forceful or violent way after moving at a high speed
    1. The ball hit the house.
    2. The plate shattered when it hit the floor.
    3. The tank was hit by enemy fire.
    4. He was hit by a car.
    5. The ship hit an iceberg.
    6. The plate shattered when it hit.
  • to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to touch something in a forceful or violent way
    1. I accidentally hit my head on/against the side of the door while I was getting into the car.
    2. She hit her elbow on the edge of the table.
  • to attack (something or someone)
    1. Our plan is to hit the enemy before they can hit us.
  • to affect (something or someone) in a harmful or damaging way
    1. The ship was hit by a sudden storm.
    2. A powerful earthquake hit the city.
    3. Many families have been hit hard by the layoffs. = Many families have been hard hit by the layoffs. [=many families have been badly affected/hurt by the layoffs]
    4. If you really want to teach your son a lesson you should hit him where it hurts and take away his cell phone.
    5. Many people were unprepared when the storm hit.
    6. The layoffs have hit hard here.
  • to come to (something) by chance or accident while you are moving
    1. We hit a west wind coming out of port.
    2. I was late because I hit a traffic jam on the way over.
  • to begin to have or experience (problems, trouble, etc.)
    1. The project went smoothly at first, but then we started to hit [=encounter] some problems.
  • to become suddenly or completely clear to (someone)
    1. It suddenly hit [=occurred to] me that I was doing something wrong. [=I suddenly realized that I was doing something wrong]
    2. The importance of the victory hasn't really hit her yet.
    3. I was just about to give up when the solution hit me.
    4. When you meet him, the first thing that hits you [=the first thing that you notice] is his air of confidence.
    5. The smell hit me [=I noticed the smell] as soon as I opened the door.
  • to get or come to (a goal, level, etc.)
    1. He hit 100 mph on his motorcycle.
    2. They expect the temperature to hit 90 this afternoon.
    3. Sales hit $100 million last year alone.
    4. Gold prices hit an all-time high last week.
    5. a singer who can hit the high notes
    6. He kept digging until he hit [=struck] water.
    7. The stock market hit bottom. [=reached an extremely low point]
    8. (informal) Next year he'll hit the big four-oh/five-oh. [=turn 40/50 years of age]
  • to arrive or appear at, in, or on (a place)
    1. We hit [=went to] the beach nearly every day this summer.
    2. They got up early and headed out to hit the (ski) slopes. [=to go skiing]
    3. The magazine's new issue hits newsstands tomorrow. [=the new issue becomes available on newsstands tomorrow]
    4. The new product should hit the shelves/market soon. = The new product should hit stores soon. [=the new product should be available in stores soon]
    5. These new illegal drugs only recently hit the street. [=became available for illegal purchase]
  • to turn (something) on or off with a switch
    1. Could someone please hit the lights?
  • to move (a switch) to an on or off position
    1. The lights came on when she hit the switch.
  • to push down on (the brake pedal or accelerator in a vehicle) in a sudden and forceful way
    1. I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid an accident.
    2. She suddenly hit the accelerator and sped away. = (US) She suddenly hit the gas and sped away.
  • to succeed in hitting (something aimed at) with a shot, throw, etc.
    1. hit the bull's-eye
    2. hit the target
    3. Her criticism really hit the mark. [=her criticism was very accurate]
    4. The first shot hit but the second shot missed.
  • to succeed in making (a shot)
    1. She hit [=made, sank] 40 percent of her shots last season.
    2. She hit her first basket but then missed the next one.
  • to succeed in making a pass to (another player)
    1. The quarterback hit the wide receiver (with a pass) for a touchdown.
  • to try to hit the ball with a bat in baseball, cricket, or a similar game
    1. It's your turn to hit. [=bat]
  • to produce (a home run, a ground ball, etc.) by batting
    1. He hit 30 home runs last year.
    2. He hit a ground ball to the shortstop.
    3. She hit a double to left field.
  • to have a specified batting average
    1. This year he's hitting [=batting] .300. [=his batting average is .300]
  • to hit the pitches thrown by (a pitcher)
    1. He has hit this pitcher well/poorly in the past.
    2. He has hit well/poorly against this pitcher in the past.
  • to deal another card to (a player in blackjack)
    1. Hit me. [=deal another card to me]
  • to attack or criticize someone who has attacked or criticized you
    1. If you hit me, I'll hit back.
    2. The team hit back with a touchdown of their own.
    3. The Senator hit back at his critics.
  • to become friends
    1. The two of them hit it off (with each other) immediately.
    2. Though we work together, we've never really hit it off.
  • to talk to (someone) in order to try to start a sexual relationship
    1. She's always being/getting hit on at the gym.
    2. Some drunk at the bar was hitting on her.
  • to succeed in finding (something, such as a solution)
    1. She thought about the problem for days before she finally hit on a solution.
    2. He hit on a new way to do things.
    3. We hit upon the answer accidentally.
  • to make an angry attack against (someone)
    1. The singer hit out at [=(more commonly) lashed out at] her critics.
  • to drop down to the ground or floor suddenly
    1. She hit the deck when the gunfire started.
  • to begin an effort or activity in a quick, energetic, and effective way
    1. The new administration hit the ground running after the inauguration.
  • to go to bed
    1. I'm tired. I'm going to hit the hay.
  • to be exactly right
    1. He hit the nail on the head with that analysis.
  • to become very angry or upset
    1. His parents really hit the roof when they found out he had flunked out of school.
  • to go out in search of something or for a specific purpose
    1. I grabbed the classifieds and hit the pavement, looking for a new job.
    2. The reporters hit the streets to interview passersby.
  • to ask (someone) for something (such as money)
    1. She's waiting for the right moment to hit up her father for a loan. [=to ask her father for a loan]
    2. I donated money to that charity a few months ago, and they're already hitting me up for more.
  • Noun
  • an act of hitting someone or something
    1. The player was penalized for an illegal hit from behind.
    2. The torpedo made a direct hit.
  • something that is very successful
    1. The show was a (smash/big) hit.
    2. The album is a collection of the group's greatest hits. [=the group's most popular and successful songs]
    3. a hit record/song
    4. a hit movie
  • someone or something that is liked by someone very much
    1. The pony ride was/made a big hit at the party.
    2. The pony ride was a big hit with the kids at the party. [=the kids at the party enjoyed the pony ride very much]
  • a successful effort to reach a desired goal or result
    1. His business ventures have been a mixture of hits and misses. [=some of his business ventures have been successful and some have failed]
  • an act of connecting to a particular Web site
    1. The site had/got over a million hits last month. [=people connected to the site more than a million times last month]
  • a successful attempt to find something in a search of a computer database or the Internet
    1. A search for his name in the newspaper's database produced/found more than 30 hits.
  • a single dose of an illegal drug
    1. Can I get a hit?
    2. He took a hit of LSD.
  • a planned murder done by a paid killer
    1. an attempted hit on the gang's leader

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