• Noun
  • a valuable stone (such as a ruby or diamond) that has been cut and polished
    1. That diamond is one of world's largest jewels.
  • a piece of jewelry (such as a necklace or a bracelet) that is made of valuable metal and precious stones
    1. She was dressed in an evening gown and jewels.
  • someone or something that is highly valued or admired
    1. This painting is the jewel in our gallery.
    2. She's a jewel.
    3. The building is regarded as one of the jewels of modern architecture.
    4. He owns several successful businesses but this company is the jewel in the crown. [=this company is the most valuable/important/admired]
  • the part of a watch that is made of a crystal or a precious stone
  • jewelry that has been passed from one generation to another
    1. She inherited the family jewels after the death of her grandmother.
  • a man's sexual organs

Những từ liên quan với JEWEL

hardware, sparkler, prize, pearl, glass, bead, bauble, rock, gemstone, gem, baguette, masterpiece, specialty