• Noun
  • a son or daughter
    1. She has to leave early and pick up her kids at school.
    2. He has a wife and two kids.
  • a young person
    1. I loved to play hopscotch when I was a kid. [=child]
    2. I wish I could do something to help that poor kid.
    3. I know he seems very mature, but he's really still just a kid. [=he's still very young]
    4. a bunch of college kids [=young people who are attending college]
    5. Hey, kid!
    6. You'd better listen to me, kid, because I'm not going to say this twice.
  • a young goat
  • a soft leather made from the skin of a young goat
    1. gloves made of kid
    2. kid leather
  • someone who has recently joined a particular group
    1. I was the new kid on the block, having just been hired the week before.
  • younger
    1. my kid brother/sister [=my brother/sister who is younger than I am]
  • Verb
  • to speak to (someone) in a way that is not serious
    1. It's the truth. I wouldn't kid you about something so important.
    2. I'm not kidding you when I say that this is one of the best meals I've ever eaten.
    3. I panicked when he said the test was tomorrow, but then I realized he was just kidding me.
    4. The test is tomorrow? You must be kidding me!
    5. “The test is tomorrow.” “Are you kidding me?!” “I kid you not.” [=I am not kidding you]
    6. Don't be offended by what he said. He was just/only kidding.
    7. I'm not really angry—I'm just kidding around.
  • to make fun of (someone) in a friendly way
    1. We kidded her about her old car.
  • to say (something) in a joking way
    1. “I might eat this whole pie by myself,” she kidded.
    2. She kidded that she might eat the whole pie by herself.
  • to fail to admit the truth to yourself
    1. If you think he'll help us, you're just kidding yourself.
    2. “I think he'll help us if we ask him.” “Don't kid yourself—he's only interested in his own problems.”

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