• Noun
  • time when you are not working
    1. In his leisure [=free time, spare time], he paints and sculpts.
    2. I'd like to write more, but I simply don't have the leisure (to do it).
  • enjoyable activities that you do when you are not working
    1. I don't have much time for leisure.
    2. She leads a life of leisure. [=she does not have to work]
    3. a character described as a lady/man/gentleman of leisure [=a woman/man who does not work and who spends a lot of time doing things for pleasure]
    4. leisure activities/pursuits
    5. Now that she's retired, she has more leisure time.
    6. the leisure class [=people who do not have to work]
  • in a way that is not hurried
    1. We were able to study the menu at leisure.
  • when you have free time available
    1. You can look over the contract at your leisure.