Link | Mean of link in English Dictionary


  • Verb
  • to join or connect (two or more things, places, etc.) together
    1. A bridge links the island to the mainland.
    2. The rooms are linked by hallways.
    3. He drew a line linking New York and/with/to Los Angeles on the map.
    4. She linked (up) the paper clips to form a chain.
    5. The elderly couple linked arms [=kept their bent arms hooked together at the elbow] as they walked down the street.
    6. The pipe links (up) to/with the main gas line.
  • to connect (someone or something) to a system, network, etc.
    1. The network links several terminals.
    2. The computer is linked with/to the fax machine.
    3. providing equipment to link (up) students to the Internet
    4. Guests can link (up) to the Internet from their hotel rooms.
  • to show or prove that a person or thing is related to or involved with something
    1. The study links high cholesterol levels to/with an increased risk of heart attacks.
    2. The police said that they have evidence linking him to these crimes.
  • to cause (different groups, countries, etc.) to be joined together
    1. The marriage of their children has linked the two families.
    2. These countries are linked in a loose confederation.
    3. Her company recently linked (up) with three others to form a multinational association.
  • Noun
  • a relationship or connection between things
    1. Their research shows a link between high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart attacks. [=shows that high cholesterol causes an increased risk of heart attacks]
    2. Police have discovered/established a direct link between the two murders.
  • a relationship between people, groups, nations, etc.
    1. The government has established/forged trade links with other countries.
    2. She felt a strong link with/to her ancestors.
  • something that allows movement from one place to another
    1. The bridge was the island's link to the mainland.
    2. There are plans to build a rail link from the airport to the city.
  • something that allows two or more people or things to communicate with each other
    1. A radio was his only link to the outside world.
    2. a satellite/video link
  • a single part of a chain
    1. The chain broke at its weakest link.
    2. an important link in the chain of events [=an important event in a series of related events]
    3. It is the weak link [=the least strong or successful part] in the company's line of products.
    4. the weakest link in a computer network [=the part of a computer network that is most likely to fail]
  • a long, narrow piece of sausage in a series of connected pieces
  • a small sausage that is long and narrow
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