• very active and energetic
    1. lively children
    2. a very lively puppy
    3. She has a very lively imagination. [=she imagines many things]
  • full of energy, excitement, or feeling
    1. a very lively writing style
    2. The book is lively and well written.
    3. They had a lively debate/discussion.
    4. She takes a lively interest in politics. [=she is very interested in politics]
  • full of movement or activity
    1. lively streets
    2. a lively dance
    3. A lively atmosphere keeps people coming back to the café.
    4. Trading on the stock market today was rather lively. [=active]
  • to go or move quickly
    1. You'll have to step lively if you don't want to be late for work.