• Noun
  • a dangerous or possibly harmful person or thing
    1. Those dogs are a menace.
    2. Those dogs are a menace to the neighborhood.
    3. a criminal who is a menace to society
  • someone who causes trouble or annoyance
    1. That kid is a menace.
  • a dangerous or threatening quality
    1. There was an atmosphere of menace in the city.
    2. She could hear the menace in his voice.
  • with threats
    1. They were accused of demanding money with menaces.
  • Verb
  • to threaten harm to (someone or something)
    1. She was menaced by a man with a knife.
    2. a country menaced by war

Những từ liên quan với MENACE

terrorize, caution, plague, jeopardy, risk, annoyance, scare, endanger, jeopardize, intimidate, hazard, peril, imperil