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  • Verb
  • to combine (two or more things) to make one thing that is the same throughout
    1. Mix [=blend] flour and water (together) to make a paste.
    2. To make frosting for the cake, mix powdered sugar with a little milk and vanilla.
    3. You can make purple by mixing the colors red and blue.
    4. Add the ingredients and mix [=blend] well.
  • to add (something) to something else
    1. Mix some water with the flour to make a paste.
    2. I mixed in [=added] a little more sugar.
    3. Slowly mix [=stir] in the rice.
    4. Mix water into the flour to make a paste.
  • to be combined and become one thing that is the same throughout
    1. Oil will not mix with water. = Oil and water don't mix.
    2. Flour can mix [=blend, combine] with water to make a paste.
  • to make or prepare (something, such as an alcoholic drink) by combining different things
    1. Please mix a drink for me. = Please mix me a drink.
  • to make (a recording of music) by electronically putting sounds together from more than one source
    1. She mixed her own CD of dance music.
  • to bring (different things) together
    1. His novel mixes humor with drama.
    2. Playing golf with clients is one way to mix business with pleasure. [=to do something enjoyable that is related to your work]
  • to talk in a friendly way with different people and especially with strangers
    1. She mixes well in social situations.
    2. Our families don't mix [=don't get along] with each other.
  • to be able to be combined or put together in a way that has good results
    1. Drinking (alcohol) and driving don't mix. [=you should not drive after you have been drinking alcohol]
    2. They claim that art and politics do not mix.
  • to put different things (such as pieces of clothing) together in different ways
    1. She's able to mix and match her sweaters with different skirts to create new outfits.
    2. She buys clothing that she can mix and match.
  • to fight or argue
    1. The two boxers started mixing it up.
    2. He loves to mix it up with his younger brothers.
  • to mistakenly think that (someone or something) is someone or something else
    1. Those two women look so much alike—I always mix them up. [=I never know who is who]
    2. He got the days mixed up [=confused] and thought the meeting was today.
    3. I always mix up the times when my classes start.
  • to mistakenly put (something) in a place where something else should be
    1. I accidentally mixed up the two files. [=I put each of the files in the place where the other one should have gone]
    2. Did my homework get mixed up with your papers?
  • to cause (someone) to be involved in a usually dangerous or improper activity or situation
    1. He got mixed up in a plan to destroy the government. [=he became involved in a plan to destroy the government]
  • to cause (someone) to become involved with a particular group of people and especially with people who cause trouble
    1. She was mixed up with the wrong crowd.
    2. teenage boys getting mixed up with gangs
  • Noun
  • a dry mixture of ingredients that is sold in one package and used for making something (such as a type of food)
    1. a cake mix
    2. a new brand of soup mixes
    3. We bought two boxes of muffin mix.
    4. a bag of cement mix [=material that forms cement when you add water to it]
  • a combination of different kinds of things
    1. a snack mix containing pretzels, nuts, and raisins
    2. We worked on finding the right mix of food, music, and decorations for the wedding.
    3. They talked to each other in a mix of English and Spanish.
    4. an attractive mix of red, orange, and yellow flowers
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