More | Mean of more in English Dictionary


  • greater in amount, number, or size
    1. I felt more pain after the procedure, not less.
    2. The new engine has even more power.
    3. You like more sugar in your tea than I do.
    4. He had done more harm than he had intended.
    5. More and more people [=an increasingly large number of people] are using e-mail these days.
    6. The company has more than [=over] 2,000 employees. [=the number of employees is greater than 2,000]
    7. Choose no/not more than three options. [=choose three options or fewer]
  • extra or additional
    1. I bought more apples.
    2. The series will have five more episodes.
    3. The company hired a few more employees.
    4. I offered him some more coffee.
    5. One more thing and then I'm leaving.
    6. Can you say that one more time?
    7. She wants more money.
  • to a greater degree or extent
    1. The shot hurt more than I expected.
    2. This cake is pretty good, but I'd like it (even) more if it had chocolate frosting.
    3. It happens more often than it used to.
    4. The building looks more like a museum than a library.
    5. more active/important
    6. more actively/importantly
    7. The players grew more intense as the game went on.
    8. She wanted a more sporty car. [=a sportier car]
    9. To me, there's nothing more exciting than playing football.
    10. She more closely resembles her aunt than her mother.
    11. He struggled to find a more comfortable position.
    12. a more complex explanation
    13. It's the same product—they've done nothing more than change the label.
    14. It's getting more and more difficult [=increasingly difficult] to distinguish fake diamonds from real ones.
    15. The fact that they'd written the play themselves made it all the more impressive. [=made it even more impressive]
  • more often or for a longer period of time
    1. You need to help (out) with the housework more. = You need to help (out) more with the housework.
    2. She's a better piano player than I am because she practices more (than I do).
    3. You need to work on it (some) more.
  • in addition
    1. wait one day more
    2. a couple of times more
    3. What more could you ask for?
  • not completely but to a great degree
    1. The clothes are more or less [=mostly] dry.
    2. The problem is more or less [=(informal) pretty much] fixed now.
    3. They were more or less willing.
    4. The building remains more or less [=essentially] intact.
    5. The business has remained more or less [=fairly, reasonably] successful.
  • to a great degree
    1. Please call me anytime. I'm more than happy to help (out) in any way I can.
    2. I am more than happy to help you, but I'd appreciate being asked politely.
    3. You are more than [=entirely] welcome to stay for dinner, but we aren't having anything special.
  • a greater number or amount
    1. More [=more people] were found as the search continued.
    2. We're waiting until more [=more information] is known.
    3. I need to spend less and save more.
    4. You have more than everyone else.
    5. I'm too full to eat (any) more.
    6. If these estimates are correct, we'll need much/far/even more.
    7. It costs a little more but it's worth it.
    8. People are often willing to pay more for a better product.
    9. We got more than we expected.
    10. (We'll have) More on the weather later.
    11. We need 22 boxes—no more, no less.
    12. More and more of them [=an increasingly large number of them] are willing to try.
    13. People expect more and more from their computers.
    14. We've been hearing more and more about this issue in recent months.

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