Most | Mean of most in English Dictionary


  • almost all
    1. Most people believe this.
    2. Most eligible voters went to the polls.
    3. I'm afraid of most dogs, but not this one.
    4. I like most foods.
  • greatest in amount or degree
    1. Choosing a color took the most time.
    2. That family owned the most land.
    3. Unfortunately the negative aspects of our schools get the most attention.
  • almost all or almost completely
    1. Menu items are, for the most part, under $5. [=almost all the menu items cost less than $5]
    2. We wanted to keep it simple, and I think we were successful for the most part.
  • in or to the greatest degree
    1. Of all the gifts he received that day, the book pleased him most.
    2. What matters most to you?
    3. The island is the most southern in the chain.
    4. You'll benefit most from the exercises if you do them every day.
    5. most active/important
    6. most actively/importantly
    7. It's the most challenging job she has ever had.
    8. the most beautiful woman there
    9. Even the most careful of us make mistakes.
    10. the most common/popular kind
    11. The report shows the intersections at which accidents are most likely to occur.
    12. the most widely used treatment
  • to a great extent
    1. He is a most careful driver.
    2. Their argument was most persuasive.
  • Noun
  • not more than a specified amount, level, etc.
    1. It took an hour at most. [=it took no more than an hour; it took an hour or less than an hour]
    2. She only worked here for a month or two at the most.
    3. It costs, at most, only a few dollars.
    4. This is worth $10 at most.
  • to use (something) in a way that will get the best result
    1. She was determined to make the most of the opportunity.
  • something of the greatest importance, strength, value, etc.
    1. The most I can give you is $10. [=I can give you $10, but I can't give you more than $10]
    2. Is that the most you can do?
    3. You'll need to make wise investments if you want get the most out of your money.
    4. A second chance is the most we can hope for now.
    5. He tries hard, but that's the most [=all] we can say for him. [=the best thing we can say about him is that he tries hard]
  • the largest number of people or things
    1. Some people kept working, but most became discouraged and quit.
    2. Some of the chairs were broken but most were in good condition.
    3. Most (of the people) who were present voted in favor of the proposal.
    4. Most of them will appreciate the offer.
    5. She was more fragile than most.
  • the largest part of something
    1. Most of it is hidden from view.
    2. They spent most of the decade overseas.
  • very nearly
    1. The cost of most everything is higher.
    2. Most anyone can go.
    3. most everywhere in the country
    4. We'll be arriving most any time now.
    5. They most always skip lunch.

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