Parcel | Mean of parcel in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a section or area of land
    1. Several 10-acre parcels (of land) are available.
    2. a parcel of real estate
  • a box or large envelope that is usually given, sent, or delivered to a person
    1. The parcel [=(chiefly US) package] was shipped today.
    2. She was carrying several brown paper parcels. [=boxes wrapped in heavy brown paper]
  • Verb
  • to divide (something, such as land) into separate, smaller parts especially in order to sell it
    1. The property was eventually parceled off and sold in pieces.
  • to divide or share (something) among different people, groups, etc.
    1. The money was parceled out [=distributed] to local charities.
    2. They plan to parcel the tickets out in a lottery.
    3. We need to stop parceling out the blame for this problem and start working on a solution.
  • to wrap (something) or put (something) into a box in order to mail it to someone
    1. The paintings have all been parcelled up.

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