• Verb
  • to do an action or activity that usually requires training or skill
    1. The doctor had to perform surgery immediately.
    2. A team of six scientists performed [=carried out] the experiment.
    3. He has been unable to perform [=complete, fulfill] his duties since the accident.
    4. The magician performed some amazing tricks.
    5. The gymnasts performed their routines perfectly.
    6. You are required to perform 50 hours of community service.
    7. The wedding (ceremony) was performed by a justice of the peace. = A justice of the peace performed the wedding (ceremony).
    8. You can't expect me to perform miracles. [=to do something that is impossible]
  • to entertain an audience by singing, acting, etc.
    1. The band will be performing on the main stage.
    2. She's a wonderful singer who loves to perform before a live audience.
    3. The band will perform songs from their new album.
    4. The class performed the play for the school.
    5. He performed [=acted] the part/role of Othello. [=he played Othello; he said the words and did the actions of the character Othello]

Những từ liên quan với PERFORM

offer, finish, represent, play, implement, behave, meet, operate, give, complete, execute, observe, achieve, show, take