Perk | Mean of perk in English Dictionary


  • Verb
  • to become more lively or cheerful
    1. We perked up when we heard the good news.
  • to make (someone) more lively or cheerful
    1. The good news perked everyone up.
  • to make (something) fresher or more appealing
    1. The new paint job really perked up the room.
  • to lift (the ears) in a quick or alert way
    1. The dog heard its name and perked up its ears.
    2. The dog perked its ears.
    3. I perked up my ears [=I began to listen closely] when I heard his name mentioned.
  • to be lifted in a quick and alert way
    1. The dog's ears perked up.
    2. My ears perked up [=I began to listen closely] when she said she knew my brother.
  • Noun
  • something extra that someone receives in addition to regular pay for doing a job
    1. The job came with several perks, including use of a company car.
  • a good thing that you have or get because of your situation
    1. One of the perks of being a celebrity is that people often want to give you things.

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