Plastic | Mean of plastic in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • a light, strong substance that can be made into different shapes and that is used for making many common products
    1. The toy was made of plastic.
    2. a company that manufactures plastics
  • a credit card when used for payment
    1. She used plastic to pay for her new computer.
  • made or consisting of plastic
    1. plastic dishes/toys
    2. a plastic bag/bottle/bin/container
    3. a plastic bullet [=a bullet made of plastic that is used by the police, military, etc., to stop violent people without killing them]
  • not real or sincere
    1. a politician with a plastic [=fake] smile
  • capable of being made into different shapes
    1. plastic clay

Những từ liên quan với PLASTIC

chemical, pliant, elastic, pseudo, pliable, cast, resilient, phony, ersatz, ductile
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